Cross Country Fun!

Congratulations to 3B on persisting with their running and making it to the finish line of the 2015 Cross Country!

It was great to see so many happy faces cheering on their houses! Here are some photo’s from the day…

20150326_123642  20150326_123329

Miss P loves to run and will be challenging herself to do a half marathon this year. Do you have a running goal?

Excellent Endings

3B have been working hard on the craft of writing. They have been constructing personal narratives from an entry in their Writer’s Notebook. We have developed a problem in the Mighty middle of our story and are now investigating Excellent Endings!

We read ‘John Brown Rose and the Midnight Cat’ and looked at the ending of the story. The ending was short, which we liked because it had more impact that way. As a class we investigated how other authors end stories. We found that most of the excellent endings finished in the following ways:

-With a question: Which side are you on?

-Dialogue: What have I done?

-Decision: Now I will…

-Feelings: I am speechless!

-Hopes/wishes: I hope that one day we will find each other again.

-A memory: I will never forget that day.

-A surprise: That was unexpected!

-A rule or lesson: Lesson learned!

How have you decided to end your story? What worked well for you?


Word Sorts

3B have been working hard on their word study. Every fortnight, they receive a new word sort to master!

Here are some great games we have learnt to help us with learning our spelling words.

word work

How do you practice your words?

What strategies do you use to remember the spelling patterns?

Soccer Clinic

Today 3B engaged in a soccer clinic at Barwon Heads PS. Our class were divided into 4 teams and practiced our soccer dribbling skills. We even had a game of boys vs. girls. The funniest part was when the boys had to play with their hands behind their backs! Soccer is a great way to keep fit.


What things do you do to keep fit?



Grade 3 Science Night

On Tuesday night, it was Grade 3 Science Night at Barwon Heads PS. What a great evening to investigate marine life and have fun learning together.

We had guest speakers that taught us about Seaweed and Marine life in Barwon Heads and we played lots of fun games.

‘I liked seeing the man put the seaweed into the water.’ -Flynn

‘I liked the activity when we learned about the food chains and having to find food.’ – Liv

20150310_195037 20150310_200004 20150310_193544

Do you know how many kinds of seaweed there are in Victoria?

Writing Fun in 3B

This week 3B have been busily planning their personal narratives in their Writer’s Notebooks. We have learnt about the elements of a good story. They include: Characters, setting, plot, problem and resolution. Our stories need to have a beginning, middle and end, so we have been working on developing:

-Bold beginnings

-Mighty Middles

-Excellent endings.

Let’s have a closer look at Bold Beginnings…

Good writer’s start with:

-A question


-A sound (onomatopoeia)


-The senses


3B looked at a Boring beginning and added some sparkle to it to hook the reader and create interest.

BORING: My name is Kate. Let me tell you about my first day at school.

EXCITING: ‘BING! BING! BING!’ What was that dreadful noise?

3B are excited to share some of their Bold beginnings with you. See below:

Taj- “Dad can I please have a drink?” … “Oops!”

Harry-“Boom!” It felt like the world exploded we walked.

Indy- I was bursting with excitement when I got into Slimefest.

Ginger- “BOOM, CRASH, BANG!” ‘Oh, sorry, that was me!’ I was trying to hide from my mum.

Marnie- “Sigh!” a sad princess was staring out the window of the tall tower.

Flynn- It was a dark and scary night…

Leila- “Crash, Bang, Bang!” I could hear the thunder pounding on the roof.

Josh- “Ahhhhhhhhhh! My eye!!” I screamed.

Sophie- “Wow!” the light was shining on people that were going round and round in circles.

Mitch- Bobby (Super rabbit) flew over the lights of New York City.

Liv- “I’m telling mum!!”

Aston- Minecraft suddenly flashed… ‘BAM’

Zara- Suddenly it dug into the muddy wet ground. I only saw it’s big brown eyes staring out at me.

Flynn- I could hear and see the waves and I could feel the sea breeze.

Meg- “Smash!” What was that noise?

Zane- The sun was rising and the sea was shimmering.

Gabe- One hot summer day, I went the the beach. The sand was so soft, the waves were big and blue.

Harry- It was high, very high! So high that I couldn’t see the top!

Greta- The glass shattered… ‘SMASH!’

Taj- ‘Breaking News!’ Darth Possum has escaped from prison!


What a great start 3B! I can’t wait to read your published stories!

What do you think 3B might need to include in their Mighty Middle?

I wonder what might happen next… These bold beginnings have me wondering!




Plants In Action

Wow! Check out our fresh produce, brought to you by 3B!

blog photo 1

Isn’t it amazing how quickly plants can grow with a little water and sunlight?

This term, 3B have been investigating how plants grow and change through their life cycle. We have used magnifying glasses to observe the cross section of a flower and labeled each part and have so many wonderings that we still want to explore!

This is a great experiment that you may like to try at home, we can’t believe how quickly these beans have sprouted!

You will need:

-A ziplock bag, a tissue, sunlight, some water and a bean (broad or Borteli work well).


1. Open a snap lock bag and place a tissue inside it.

2. Carefully place the bean on the tissue.

3. Add a spray of water and seal the bag.

4. Lay the bag in sunlight and watch it grow!

blog photo 2

What things do you use to help your plants grow at home?