Persuasive Writing

In 3B we have been learning how to write persuasively. A persuasive text or exposition presents a point of view with supporting evidence.

We have learnt some helpful tips to improve our writing and to enhance our point of view:

-Start by stating your point of view

-Include at least 3 arguments to support your point of view

-Provide supporting evidence (facts to back up your argument)

-Use emotive words (I really feel that, disappointingly)

-Sequence your ideas with connecting words (Firstly, next, also, then, lastly)

-Conclude with a short summary of your arguments

-Remember to revise and edit your writing for spelling, understanding and punctuation errors

Ginger has completed an convincing letter asking JK Rowling to produce another Harry Potter novel and movie:

dear jk rowling\

Zara has written her opinion on whether plastic bags should be banned:


Liv has written a letter to Miss Sing asking for PE everyday!


Taj has written his opinion on plastic bags in our environment:

taj d

Share your opinions on these topics.

Do you think 3B have been convincing?

Our Visit to the Lobster Pot

Today the Grade 3’s visited the Lobster Pot as part of our Inquiry into the History and Geography of Barwon Heads.

Wow, what an amazing place! We learnt so many interesting facts about Barwon Heads and how it has changed over time.

Did you know that the Bluff is 120,000 years old? Or that a volcano erupted in Mt Duneed 2 million years ago? There are pieces of basalt rock that have washed ashore as a result of the volcano erupting.

20150424_110004               20150424_105807

We learnt that Indigenous Australians lived here before the Europeans arrived. The Europeans came to Australia on boats and there are a number of ship wrecks that have washed up in Barwon Heads. One of the most famously known ship wrecks is known as the Earl Of Charlemont which occurred in 1853.

Barwon Heads was known as Point Flinders first and it’s name changed over time.


We were lucky enough to see and explore the marine life at the Lobster Pot too. What a great day it was!


What interesting facts do you know about Barwon Heads?

Have you got a friend or family member that may be able to share some of our Local History with the class?

We would love to hear from you!

Calendar Maths

3B have been investigating calendars and how they are very much like a table. They help us to organise our time and know when important events are approaching. Today we created our very own class calendar and included any important events.

Here is the month of September:


Can you answer the following questions using this calendar month?

1. What is the 1st day of the next month?

2. How many Saturdays are there in September?

3. What day is the last day of September?

4. What season is it during September in Australia?



This week, the grade 3s have been investigating  shapes and their properties. We learnt that 3D shapes are made up of 3 dimensions: length, width and height. We built 3D shapes using nets and have been exploring how shapes can be flipped, slid and turned.

We used our hands to show how 2D shapes can be flipped, slid and turned.

Check out these fabulous posters created by our talented students!

20150416_123444 20150416_123413

We noticed that when a shape is flipped it is like a reflection, so we sometimes refer to this as reflection.

Translation is another word used to show when a shape is slid or moved in a direction.

Rotation is when a shape is turned around.

When have you needed to flip, slide or turn something around in the real world?