Awesome Alliteration

This week 3B have been investigating poetic devices such as rhyming, stanzas, onomatopoeia, similes and alliteration.

We were inspired by the book Anamalia to make our own class book of alliteration poems about our names in place of animals. This is what we came up with.

Tell us what you think!

Aston Ate apples all day.

Baz the bored was boring because he wasn’t brave.

Crazy Crane couldn’t create crows.

Duncombe and the dirty dogs damaged daily diaries on different days.

Erin excitedly eats eleven eggs each evening.

Fuzzy, fluffy flappy floppy fantastic fabulous Flynn the First.

Giggly Gabe gulping green grapes.

Harry hates Hazelnut, Harriet has hilarious humour haha!

Indy impossible indoor ice cream igloo.

Josh Jaguar jumped with joy juggling jumping jelly beans.

Kayla kissed King Kane.

Lions love life in Liv’s and Leila’s living life spa with lightning light and lovely lamps.

Meg’s monkeys made a marvelous mess.

Nelly naughtily nodded and nibbled.

Olivia adores ostridges and outrageously oily omelets ordered on ointment oil.

Petzierides pounced in a panic over purple puffy pancakes.

Queenie quickly and quietly quizzed her quack.

Rebecca’s red rabbit reads red readers.

Sophie sold some sausages, so she sold some shells, so she got some soda.

Tigerly Taj tumbled terribly towards the tip.

Terrifically tiny troubled true Taj tamed the tiger.

Uncle Zane danced under the ugly umbrella.

 Vance was vein and very voluptuous.

 Wobbling wombat wobbled with Wiffen.

 X-ray fish are x-tra excellent.

 Yasmin yelled yellow yellow yellow!

 Zara Zebra zipped up the zig zag zoo.

 Awesome Alliteration 3B!

Money Maths

Today 3A and 3B investigated money by setting up classroom shops. We had $10 each to spend on items and had to calculate the change.

Gabe: I think it was awesome when we went shopping and I brought soda, cookies and bread.

Leila: I had a great time making different amounts of money and looking at how much things cost.

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20150521_120155 20150521_122120


What interesting facts do you know about money?

What strategies do you use to calculate change?

Poetry Poetry Poetry

3B are immersing themselves in poetry! We have been investigating the key elements of poems and have noticed that some poems have some of the following features:





-A mood

-Unusual structure and lack of punctuation

-Thoughts and feelings

Here are some of the entries we have written through being inspired by the poetry of others.

Zane’s Poem: Steele

Steele is annoying, mostly funny

Coming fifth is no myth in cross country.

With my aunty in the country, chasing a Roo to Hoolaroo,

With my uncle, giving cuddles to my cousins, sitting on cushions that are so comfy!

And that’s how my family works, winning and chasing roos, and giving cuddles to my cousins.

Sophie’s Poem: I wish I had a Cat

Cats at the floor

Cats at the door

Cats that are poor

Cats that want more

Cats that have claws

Baz’s Poem: Time Travel

I closed my eyes and started to move,

I opened my eyes and it was quarter-past two.

Zara’s Poem: Jam on Toast

I like jam on toast

I like jam

I like brown bread

But when I drop it on the floor

It’s always jam side down

Indy’s Poem: Monkeys

Monkeys are so cheeky,

Monkeys swing from vines.

But all that monkeys say is ‘oh,oh, ah, ah.’

Monkeys dancing all night long,

Monkeys complaining about bananas,

Monkeys prancing all night long.

But all that monkeys say is ‘oh,oh, ah, ah.’

Monkeys playing footy,

Monkeys singing.

Monkeys everywhere,

Monkeys calling, ‘Yes’, bananas!

Flynn’s Poem: Fish and Chips

You can eat fish and chips where ever you want

At the fair or with a bear

It really does not matter

because you will be eating fish and chips.

You can eat fish and chips everywhere, at school or at the pool.

There’s all kinds of fish and chips everywhere!

What do you like about these poems? 

Did you make a personal connection to them?

Do you have feedback to help us improve our poems?

Miss Taryn in 3B!

For the previous 2 weeks, 3B have been lucky enough to have a pre-service teacher working with us in our classroom, her name is Miss Taryn. Students in 3B have been working on Maths and writing activities with Miss Taryn.

Today we wrote poems about our favourite seasons as part of one of Miss Taryn’s lessons.


Leila wrote about Winter:

I love winter

You feel comfortable in your bed.

Listen to the rain spluttering on the roof.

Look out your window and look at the sky

As you feel a drop of rain on your finger, you get that winter feeling.

Kayla wrote a poem about Winter:

The wind flowing

People playing

The smell of chocolate

Ice-skating and playing in the breeze

Kids making snowmen or maybe snow girls

Get out now before it’s too late and play in the snow

That’s what winter is all about.

Josh wrote about Winter:

I like winter, I like snow

I know like all of you, I like snow

But don’t be a foe,

It’s so low

Winder would go so slow

It’s so cold, I feel like I’m 102,

So if I were you you, I would love snow too.

Winter Rocks.

What do you like to write poems about?

Are there any suggestions or ideas you have for 3B to write about?