Handy Measurements

Today we explored measurement using our hands. We investigated how to measure informally, this means using tools such as counters/blocks/string to measure.


We measured the length, area, perimeter and capacity of our hands using counters and other items in the classroom.

Marnie shares some ideas about how to measure well:


Zane noticed that his hand was the same size as Gabe’s! Their measurements matched.


 What do you use at home to measure when you don’t have a ruler or tape?

Expanding our Vocabulary…Eat Words for breakfast!

We are learning to use new words in speaking and writing in 3B.

This helps us to expand our vocabulary.

When Miss Petz was a little girl, she ate 5 words for breakfast each day and put them into her word collector.

We have word collectors and have been tuning into interesting words and finding their meaning using dictionaries.

Our wonderful classroom helping Karen’s created this fabulous word tree of interesting words to help us to collect new words.


Do you have any interesting words to add to our Wonderful Wall of Words?

Barwon Heads Plant and Animal Life

3B have been busily working on their Inquiry projects that investigate our local history, geography, attractions, wildlife and plants. This week, students participated in Show and Share that relates to our local plants and animals.


Taj shared information about Seagulls. Did you know that Seagulls drink both fresh and salt water? -Taj D


Liv shared a picture of a Koala. This type of koala lives on gum nut trees and they have to eat special leaves called Eucalyptus leaves. -Liv

20150605_145450    koala

Marnie shared information about Moonah trees.  “There are lots of Moonah trees in my backyard.” -Marnie.


It has been great learning new information about our local area.

Do you have any interesting facts or Information about the History and Geography of Barwon Heads?