Indonesian Day

Today was Indonesian Day at Barwon Heads Primary School and what a great celebration of culture!

There were so many wonderful activities including:

-Puppet Making

-Dancing: traditional


-Food tasting: Mi Goreng, Durian, Sri Kaya, Lychee, Guava and Papaya



-Kite making

It was great to see so many students dress in the Indonesian colours red and white.


What was your favourite activity and why?


This week in 3B…

This week 3B are learning how to summarise the texts that they read. This strategy helps us to identify the most important parts and share them in our own words.

Today we read ‘Prudence wants a Pet’ and used the somebody, wanted, to, but, so strategy to help summarise the text in our own words.

Here is what we came up with:


What strategies do you use to summarise?

Fraction Action…

This week, 3B are investigating Fractions in Maths. We are learning about halves, quarters, thirds, fifths and eighths.


Did you know that if you fold one whole piece of paper into half, it creates 2 equal parts? If we fold again, we create 4 equal parts or quarters?

3B made their own fraction walls to help show how fractions can be represented in different ways.


Click on the link below to create your own fraction wall at home or play with a friend.

Fraction Wall Interactive Game

What strategies do you use to help you to calculate a fraction of an object or collection?

Term 3 Topics

Welcome back 3B! It has been a cold and wet start to the term, however nothing stops the wonderful students of 3B from tackling our term 3 topics with GUSTO!

In Reading this term, we have been developing our Questioning skills and learning to ask thin and thick questions before, during and after reading. Thin questions are questions such as who, what, where, when, why? The answers to these questions can be found ‘right there’ in the text. Thick questions require thinking and searching through the text to find the answer. The Grade 3’s have been developing their questioning skills to enhance their comprehension when reading more complex texts.

In Writing, we are investigating factual information and creating information reports through research. Check out this video about Orang-Utans…

What could you do to help prevent Orang-Utan’s from becoming extinct?

What facts and information did you learn from this video?