Book Week at BHPS!

On Thursday the 27th of August, it was the Book Week Parade at Barwon Heads PS. We got to dress up as characters from books.

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I was a guy from World War 2. At the start of the day , we all went to the gym and all the classes took turns in walking around in circles for the parade.


It was so much fun!

-By Flynn W.

District Athletics

On Wednesday the 26th of August, the top 3 people for the events at the Barwon Heads athletics day went to compete in the District Athletics at Landy Field.

I think Barwon Heads won overall! Mitch, Greta, Sophie, Ginger from our class were in the relay representing our school. We versed other schools like: Drysdale, Surfside, East Geelong and many more!


We had a great day!

-By Harry C.

3B’s Wide World of Sports

This week has been full of lots of physical activity and fun in 3B!

On Tuesday 11 students from 3B represented our school at the Geelong Arena for the Hoop Time Basketball round robin. All students participated in a number of games and developed their dribbling skills. Indy’s team won all games and will progress to the next stage in the competition. Well done Indy and all students who participated!

Check out 3B! We have 3 girls representing our class with 1st,2nd and 3rd going to Ginger, Indy and Greta and Mitch came 2nd overall for the BHPS boys. Well done 3B!


On Wednesday, the House Athletics were held at Landy Field. The weather did not look promising as we boarded the buses in the morning, however the sun came out and all students were involved in a great day!

aths day

Students participated in 100m run, discus, long jump, shot put, triple jump, 200m run, high jump and hurdles. Thank you to all parents and friends who came along to support the children in their events, it was so encouraging for them!

Some highlights:

Harry- My favourite event was hurdles!

Josh- I liked the hurdles.

Ginger- I enjoyed discus.

Liv- I liked the 200 metre run!

Zane- I liked the long jump and triple jump equally!

Marnie- I liked the 100m sprint.

Here are a few photos from our week!

20150811_122517 aths

Capture  bazangus

What events did you enjoy most this week?

Was it Hoop Time? Perhaps you had a favourite event that you would like to share with us.

Send us a comment or post, we would love to hear from you.

Our Inquiry into the Solar System, Night and Day

This term 3B have been investigating Night and Day and the solar system. We have been learning to research using non-fiction texts and online sources to help us to understand what causes night and day and investigate our solar system.

In Reading, we have been learning to summarise non-fiction texts. This is a tricky skill as it requires us to identify the topic sentence and key ideas and words to show what the text is mostly about. We practised this through buddy reading and highlighting key words and taking notes using dot points.

In Writing, students worked with their partners to investigate a planet and take notes from a short piece of information about that planet. Students presented their summaries on posters and they are pictured below.


20150804_132810 20150804_132737 20150804_132727 20150804_132718 20150804_132706 20150804_132657

Your posters look terrific 3B!

What strategies do you use to help you summarise key details?