Grade 3 Camp!

On Monday, the grade 3s set off for Grade 3 camp at Coastal Forest Lodge. We had a very busy few days involving bush cooking, archery, mini-golf, nature art, shelter building, initiative activities and a low ropes course! Thank fully the weather cleared up and we were able to go for a hike to Eagles Nest which was amazing!

Here are some snapshots of our camp…

DSC02998 DSC02996 DSC02997 DSC02999 DSC03000 DSC03002 DSC03003 DSC03005 DSC03007 DSC03012  DSC03018 DSC03026 DSC03036 DSC03039 DSC03056 DSC03058 DSC03065 DSC03067 DSC03070  DSC03075 DSC03077  DSC03086 DSC03088 DSC03091 DSC03095 DSC03096 DSC03099 DSC03108 DSC03110 DSC03117 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03129 DSC03131 DSC03133 DSC03137 DSC03138 DSC03143 DSC03144 DSC03145 DSC03146 DSC03149 DSC03151 DSC03153

Some of the highlights from the students of 3B:


Day 1:

Eating damper, seeing Mr Davis eat a four scoop ice cream.


Day 2:

Going on the low ropes course, archery and mini golf and the bush dance.

Day 3: Not so good highlights…

Getting bitten by the ‘meant-to-be’ gentle horse!


Liv’s Poem about Camp:

Burning smell of smoke floating in the air.

Frogs croaking in the still quiet breeze.

Birds chirping in the wet rustling trees.

Kangaroos hopping in the grassy open bush.

Yabbies swimming in the wet, muddy dam.

People snoring in the black starry night.

Damper cooking in the red, hot fire.

Ohh great, now it’s duty time…

Finally, duty is OVER!

DSC03085 DSC03123

Zara’s favourite things included…

My favourite thing was bush cooking and the donkeys, they were really cute!

DSC03091  DSC03036

Baz’s highlight:

I was on the monkey bars and I was with my brother.

I really liked the views and seeing the animals.

DSC03012 DSC03119

Indy’s snapshots…

‘Indy, come and have your medicine.” (Miss P)

My favourite activity was the mini golf and archery!


What was your favourite activity on camp?

What would you like to change about camp?

Were there any interesting things that happened?








Today the grade 3s walked to 13th beach to help revegetate the sand dunes.


We planted 100 plants and helped to protect them with large branches. It was great to work as a team to help our environment.


What things do you do at home to protect our environment?