Our Fabulous Concert and our Handy Helper!

What a fabulous week it has been in 3B! We have been busily preparing for our school concert with our songs from Rio the movie: Rio Rio and Shake Your Groove Thing.

Last night, the Multi-function Centre was full of friends and family ready to watch our performance. I was so proud of the way 3B showed confidence and skill during their dances. We all had a great time watching and cheering.

Here are some snapshots from the night:

20151111_183956 20151111_190753 20151111_190809 20151111_190839 20151111_190852 20151111_190858 20151111_190941 20151111_191059 20151111_191236 20151111_191245 20151111_191252 20151111_191253

What was your favourite song and performance?

3B have also been lucky enough to have a Pre-service teacher in our Classroom for the last week. We welcome Mr Jones and have been enjoying learning with him.

20151112_091229  20151112_091619  20151112_091528

Today, Mr Jones and Miss Petz wore items of clothing during Indonesian and students were required to name the items worn in Indonesian. It was a lot of fun!

What are the Indonesian names of the items of clothing Miss P and Mr Jones are wearing?

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