Angles in our Environment

Did you know that an angle is the amount of turning between two lines that meet?

Today, we learnt about types of lines and angles that exist in our environment.

We learnt that:

An acute angle is and angle that is less than 90 degrees.

A right angle is 90 degrees.

An obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees.

A straight angle is exactly 180 degrees.

A reflex angle is greater than 180 degrees.

Parallel Lines are always the same distance apart and never meet.

Perpendicular Lines meet at right angles or intersect.


We then searched around the school for these lines and angles.

20151118_120400  20151118_120448  20151118_120428

We noticed parallel lines on the monkey bars and perpendicular lines everywhere!

‘The corner of the garden bed was a right angle (90 degrees)’. -Ginger


‘Monkey bars were parallel lines also right angle (90 degrees)’.  -Liv

Where have you seen angles?

What do you notice about them?

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