Money Money Money

   Today 3B had an amazing Money Workshop where we learnt about how to spend and save money!

Spending Smart equals saving smart! So we discovered that shopping around to find the best price is a great strategy to save money.

We identified Australian coins and notes and we looked at key cards which can also be used to pay for things.

Taj was a banker and he helped to add and collect deposits.

20151126_113156  20151126_120122


What did you learn about money this week?


3 thoughts on “Money Money Money

    • Hi Alex,

      We are learning about Chance and Data. We have been collecting information and graphing it this week. What are you learning about?
      In Reading, we are learning to use more expression and in writing we are making an advertisement to sell a product.

      What are you learning in Reading and Writing?

      Thanks for your comment.


      • Dear Miss Petz,

        Thanks for replying to my comment and answering my questions.

        In writing I am learning about the structure of information reports.
        In reading we are learning about note taking and in maths we are learning about money.
        What’s your favorite subject?

        From Alex.

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