Our Visit to the Rockpools

On Wednesday the 17th March, the Grade 2s went to visit the Rockpools as part of our Inquiry into the Marine Environment. It was a sunny afternoon and students were lucky enough to find crabs, sea urchins, star fish and a giant elephant snail in the rockpool ramble!

We learnt that there is a Marine Sanctuary in our local area that is protected and no one is allowed to fish there to protect our Marine wildlife.

A huge threat to our Marine Life is Rubbish, particularly plastic bags as animals mistake them for food and they cannot break it down in their stomachs. We are working on using borrow and bring back bags and taking plastic home with us when we find it on our beaches. We hope this will prevent litter and improve the safety of our local marine wild life.

Check out the Take 3 Website for more information about Take 3 for the sea:


Here are some photographs from our Rock pool ramble:

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What is your favourite marine animal and why?

What can you do to protect our marine environment?

Welcome to 2B 2016!

Welcome back to school for 2016. We trust you have had a terrific break and are ready for another great year of learning at Barwon Heads Primary.

Starting Right: We are looking forward to getting to know each other through our ‘Starting Right’ program. This involves establishing routines within the classroom and consolidating understanding of the You Can Do It keys to success: Getting Along, Organisation, Confidence, Persistence and Resilience. There will be further information sent out regarding Starting Right interviews with teachers in the coming weeks.

Sun Smart: We remind everyone that this is a Sun Smart school and it is expected that students will wear hats every day in from September through to and including April. They are also encouraged to bring their own sunscreen to school to apply before snack and lunch times. There will be some available in the classrooms in the near future. Students who do not have a hat can only play in the designated shade area.

Diaries: We encourage parents to support their children by reading with them as regularly as possible. Please return their diary each day with the name of the book read written in the diary and signed each day.

It is very important that students create a good routine for using their diaries to assist them in being organised and well informed.

Reading: Daily reading is an integral part of every child’s routine at this level. We ask that all reading is recorded in your child’s diary. Take home books and word sorts will start to come home in coming weeks, as each teacher determines individual needs. Reading assessment will take place within 3 weeks, therefore take home material will be based on end of 2015 reading levels. It is important for students to read widely and practise their skills with easier material.

The Grade Twos are supported in their reading development by the CAFE reading program. This program provides strategies to support students with building their Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding vocabulary.

Writer’s Workshop:

Students in Grade 2 will be given a Writer’s Notebook to record their ideas and develop their understanding of the writing process this year. The writing process involves students brainstorming, planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing their work. We would like students to decorate their notebooks in the classroom with pictures and things that interest them. They may already have a Writer’s notebook from last year that they can continue to use this year.

Mathletics and Maths Program:

The Grade 2s will be investigating numbers to 1,000, counting, place value, addition and subtraction in Maths this term.

We encourage students in Grade two to use Mathletics on a weekly basis. Each child will have a username and password that allows them to log on and practise their Maths skills at home.

Word Study: At Barwon Heads Primary, we use the Words their Way Spelling Program to support spelling and word study. Students will be given sorts and word lists in coming weeks to develop their understanding of words and spelling patterns. Students will also need to master their recognition and spelling of sight words to support them with their literacy development. Miss P has sent home a list of these sight words to check your child’s progress at home.

2B Specialist Timetable

Monday Physical Education at 11:30am, Art at 12:30pm
Tuesday Music at 3:00pm
Wednesday Indonesian at 11:30am
Thursday Library at 12:00pm
Friday Assembly at 3:00pm

*Please note that our specialist timetable is subject to change when extra-curricular programs such as swimming occur.