Our Visit to the Rockpools

On Wednesday the 17th March, the Grade 2s went to visit the Rockpools as part of our Inquiry into the Marine Environment. It was a sunny afternoon and students were lucky enough to find crabs, sea urchins, star fish and a giant elephant snail in the rockpool ramble!

We learnt that there is a Marine Sanctuary in our local area that is protected and no one is allowed to fish there to protect our Marine wildlife.

A huge threat to our Marine Life is Rubbish, particularly plastic bags as animals mistake them for food and they cannot break it down in their stomachs. We are working on using borrow and bring back bags and taking plastic home with us when we find it on our beaches. We hope this will prevent litter and improve the safety of our local marine wild life.

Check out the Take 3 Website for more information about Take 3 for the sea:


Here are some photographs from our Rock pool ramble:

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What is your favourite marine animal and why?

What can you do to protect our marine environment?

5 thoughts on “Our Visit to the Rockpools

    • Hi Harriet,

      Thanks for your comment. I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed the rockpools! I must say I enjoyed the day too. The elephant snail felt quite sticky but it was definitely a very interesting marine animal to look at.

      Miss Petz.

      • Thanks for the message. The holidays have been fun, but I’m looking forward to coming back to school.

  1. Hi Miss Petz,
    My fave marine animal would either be the sea cucumber (they are marine animals, right?) or the starfish. We can help the ocean by not littering (obvs).


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