About Me

Miss Petzierides has been teaching for eight years. Sometimes students have trouble saying her surname, so many students refer to her as Miss P. She loves teaching and using technology to help students learn.
Miss P currently teaches grade 2 and has previously taught grades Prep, One, Two and Three and Physical Education.
She has a pet dog named Millie and loves to keep fit and healthy by running along the beach.
Miss P is passionate about making learning fun and meaningful to her students.
Petzierides, Marie (2)
In Miss P’s classroom, you will see students participating in the CAFE reading program, Writer’s workshop, differentiated Numeracy activities, Words Their Way spelling sorts, ICT and Inquiry learning.

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi miss petz ,
    I really enjoined researching about the scenery and plants and there interesting facts and it is every were and it is at the school, my house your house every one can see it and hope to learn about more interesting facts. Sincerely Joshua

  2. Hi Miss Petz,
    I really like looking at your blog and reading your posts and I’d like to make my own. How do you make a blog and which website do you use to make it?

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