Term 4 News

Welcome back! The Grade 3s are investigating ‘Solids, Liquids and Gases’ in Inquiry this term. The children will be developing their understanding of how temperature affects solids, liquids and gases.


Reading Program

The Grade 3s will continue to improve their comprehension skills this term to support their reading development. Students are tuning into interesting new words while reading and defining them to expand our vocabulary.


Writer’s Workshop

In Writing, students will be developing their skills in letter writing and procedural writing. We will be completing experiments and recording the procedure involved to document the process.



Our Maths topics this term include: Measurement, the four operations, angles, money and problem solving. Students are encouraged to continue to practise their times tables and use Mathletics at home to consolidate their understanding of the topics covered at school.



The Grade 3s will continue their Spelling program. Please ensure your child is able to read their words in their sorts each week and recognise the spelling pattern that they follow. Each child has been given a list of words to practise and will be tested on their ability every Friday (except where there is a holiday or excursion) at school.



Just a quick reminder that hats must be worn at school during snack and lunch times during Term 4. Remember: NO HAT, NO PLAY.


Specialist timetable

This term, 3B will be participating in Physical Education, Religious Education, Library, Art, Indonesian, Music and concert practise as a part of their Specialist program.

The timetable for term 4 for 3B is listed below:

Monday: Art at 11:30am and Library at 12:30pm.

Tuesday: Indonesian at 11:30am

Wednesday: Physical Education at 12:30pm, Music at 2:30pm

Thursday: Concert Practise at 12:30pm

Friday: Show and Share and Assembly at 3:00pm

You Can Do It

This terms’ ‘You Can Do It’ focus is ‘Persistence’. We are encouraging the children to keep trying when things get tricky and not give up. We are also encouraging the Grade 3s to develop their emotional resilience. Emotional resilience means not getting extremely angry, worried or down, calming down when you do get very upset, not fighting and bouncing back to work and play.

Things our children can think and do to help them develop resilience:

Relaxing-take a few deep breaths.

Keeping things in perspective– not making mountains out of molehills.

Accepting myself- not putting myself down when something bad happens.

Finding someone to talk to– sharing my feelings with someone I trust.

Using positive self talk– focusing on the positive and not the negative.

Thinking– I can stand things I don’t like

Finding something fun to do– reading, playing a game or spending time with friends.

Parent Helpers

Thank you to all of our Parent Helpers for your continued support with our Literacy Program. Our children love having helpers in the classroom. Miss P would love to have parents support the children in the mornings. If you are available between 9-11am any day of the week, please let Miss P know or sign up for a time that suits you in the classroom.

Open afternoon

3B are excited to share their Picture Story Books that they have planned, drafted, published and illustrated. Please join us for an Open afternoon of sharing our fabulous work on Friday the 23rd of October at 2:30pm.


Bike Education

This term the Grade 3s will be engaging in Bike Education. Students will participate in safety and theory activities in the coming weeks to support their understanding of riding bikes safely on our roads. We are seeking parent volunteers to support our Bike Education program, if you are available the week beginning the 26th of October, please contact your child’s classroom teacher to arrange a time to get involved.

Important dates

  • 16th October- Scienceworks Excursion
  • 21st October: Geelong Cup Public Holiday
  • 26th October- Bike Education need parent volunteers
  • 6th November- Silly Science Incursion
  • 11th November- School Concert
  • 26th November Commonwealth Bank Money workshop
  • 8th December: Statewide Orientation Day
  • 15th December: Meet new classroom teachers and grades
  • 16th December: Whole School Sports Day
  • 18th December: Last Day of Term 4

Grade 3 Camp!

On Monday, the grade 3s set off for Grade 3 camp at Coastal Forest Lodge. We had a very busy few days involving bush cooking, archery, mini-golf, nature art, shelter building, initiative activities and a low ropes course! Thank fully the weather cleared up and we were able to go for a hike to Eagles Nest which was amazing!

Here are some snapshots of our camp…

DSC02998 DSC02996 DSC02997 DSC02999 DSC03000 DSC03002 DSC03003 DSC03005 DSC03007 DSC03012  DSC03018 DSC03026 DSC03036 DSC03039 DSC03056 DSC03058 DSC03065 DSC03067 DSC03070  DSC03075 DSC03077  DSC03086 DSC03088 DSC03091 DSC03095 DSC03096 DSC03099 DSC03108 DSC03110 DSC03117 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03129 DSC03131 DSC03133 DSC03137 DSC03138 DSC03143 DSC03144 DSC03145 DSC03146 DSC03149 DSC03151 DSC03153

Some of the highlights from the students of 3B:


Day 1:

Eating damper, seeing Mr Davis eat a four scoop ice cream.


Day 2:

Going on the low ropes course, archery and mini golf and the bush dance.

Day 3: Not so good highlights…

Getting bitten by the ‘meant-to-be’ gentle horse!


Liv’s Poem about Camp:

Burning smell of smoke floating in the air.

Frogs croaking in the still quiet breeze.

Birds chirping in the wet rustling trees.

Kangaroos hopping in the grassy open bush.

Yabbies swimming in the wet, muddy dam.

People snoring in the black starry night.

Damper cooking in the red, hot fire.

Ohh great, now it’s duty time…

Finally, duty is OVER!

DSC03085 DSC03123

Zara’s favourite things included…

My favourite thing was bush cooking and the donkeys, they were really cute!

DSC03091  DSC03036

Baz’s highlight:

I was on the monkey bars and I was with my brother.

I really liked the views and seeing the animals.

DSC03012 DSC03119

Indy’s snapshots…

‘Indy, come and have your medicine.” (Miss P)

My favourite activity was the mini golf and archery!


What was your favourite activity on camp?

What would you like to change about camp?

Were there any interesting things that happened?








Today the grade 3s walked to 13th beach to help revegetate the sand dunes.


We planted 100 plants and helped to protect them with large branches. It was great to work as a team to help our environment.


What things do you do at home to protect our environment?

Book Week at BHPS!

On Thursday the 27th of August, it was the Book Week Parade at Barwon Heads PS. We got to dress up as characters from books.

20150827_09055820150827_090900 20150827_090828 20150827_090731 20150827_090755 20150827_090720 20150827_090821 20150827_090710 20150827_090811 20150827_090703 20150827_090626 20150827_090634 20150827_090558

I was a guy from World War 2. At the start of the day , we all went to the gym and all the classes took turns in walking around in circles for the parade.


It was so much fun!

-By Flynn W.

District Athletics

On Wednesday the 26th of August, the top 3 people for the events at the Barwon Heads athletics day went to compete in the District Athletics at Landy Field.

I think Barwon Heads won overall! Mitch, Greta, Sophie, Ginger from our class were in the relay representing our school. We versed other schools like: Drysdale, Surfside, East Geelong and many more!


We had a great day!

-By Harry C.

3B’s Wide World of Sports

This week has been full of lots of physical activity and fun in 3B!

On Tuesday 11 students from 3B represented our school at the Geelong Arena for the Hoop Time Basketball round robin. All students participated in a number of games and developed their dribbling skills. Indy’s team won all games and will progress to the next stage in the competition. Well done Indy and all students who participated!

Check out 3B! We have 3 girls representing our class with 1st,2nd and 3rd going to Ginger, Indy and Greta and Mitch came 2nd overall for the BHPS boys. Well done 3B!


On Wednesday, the House Athletics were held at Landy Field. The weather did not look promising as we boarded the buses in the morning, however the sun came out and all students were involved in a great day!

aths day

Students participated in 100m run, discus, long jump, shot put, triple jump, 200m run, high jump and hurdles. Thank you to all parents and friends who came along to support the children in their events, it was so encouraging for them!

Some highlights:

Harry- My favourite event was hurdles!

Josh- I liked the hurdles.

Ginger- I enjoyed discus.

Liv- I liked the 200 metre run!

Zane- I liked the long jump and triple jump equally!

Marnie- I liked the 100m sprint.

Here are a few photos from our week!

20150811_122517 aths

Capture  bazangus

What events did you enjoy most this week?

Was it Hoop Time? Perhaps you had a favourite event that you would like to share with us.

Send us a comment or post, we would love to hear from you.

Our Inquiry into the Solar System, Night and Day

This term 3B have been investigating Night and Day and the solar system. We have been learning to research using non-fiction texts and online sources to help us to understand what causes night and day and investigate our solar system.

In Reading, we have been learning to summarise non-fiction texts. This is a tricky skill as it requires us to identify the topic sentence and key ideas and words to show what the text is mostly about. We practised this through buddy reading and highlighting key words and taking notes using dot points.

In Writing, students worked with their partners to investigate a planet and take notes from a short piece of information about that planet. Students presented their summaries on posters and they are pictured below.


20150804_132810 20150804_132737 20150804_132727 20150804_132718 20150804_132706 20150804_132657

Your posters look terrific 3B!

What strategies do you use to help you summarise key details?

Indonesian Day

Today was Indonesian Day at Barwon Heads Primary School and what a great celebration of culture!

There were so many wonderful activities including:

-Puppet Making

-Dancing: traditional


-Food tasting: Mi Goreng, Durian, Sri Kaya, Lychee, Guava and Papaya



-Kite making

It was great to see so many students dress in the Indonesian colours red and white.


What was your favourite activity and why?


This week in 3B…

This week 3B are learning how to summarise the texts that they read. This strategy helps us to identify the most important parts and share them in our own words.

Today we read ‘Prudence wants a Pet’ and used the somebody, wanted, to, but, so strategy to help summarise the text in our own words.

Here is what we came up with:


What strategies do you use to summarise?

Fraction Action…

This week, 3B are investigating Fractions in Maths. We are learning about halves, quarters, thirds, fifths and eighths.


Did you know that if you fold one whole piece of paper into half, it creates 2 equal parts? If we fold again, we create 4 equal parts or quarters?

3B made their own fraction walls to help show how fractions can be represented in different ways.


Click on the link below to create your own fraction wall at home or play with a friend.

Fraction Wall Interactive Game

What strategies do you use to help you to calculate a fraction of an object or collection?